Office and Residential Cleaning and Housekeeping services

Professional cleaning of Offices, Commercial and residential properties on one off or Contractual Service Agreements

Washroom Solutions

Washroom Solutions range from sanitary bin services, Installation and servicing of Tissue, hand Towels, Hand Soap and Automatic air freshener dispensers

Gardening, Landscaping & Indoor Plants Management

Provision of Landscape Design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation. We also supply and maintain indoor plants.
Supply of all gardening inputs such as soil, manure, weed and pest control.

High window cleaning Services

Hurricane has acquired the latest window cleaning equipment and Fall Protection Systems. Ranging from Telescope window cleaners to the modern Water fed system.

Our dedicated Technical team is available for evaluation and risk assessment before any task is executed


Waste Management Services

We collect and dispose waste as per NEMA and Nairobi City Council Provisions. Tailor made schedules to fit your requirement
We deal in Household waste, recyclable waste, hazardous waste and debris

Pest Control Services

Hurricane is registered with PCPB as a pest Control Operator and provide scheduled pest control and termination services to all types of organizations.

Our team of experts are available to assist you 24 hours.

Bulk Water Supply and Exhauster Services

Hurricane has well maintained fleet for supply and delivery of clean water for home and industrial use.

We also offer plumbing and exhauster services

Other Services

Uphlostry Cleaning
Detailed make ready House cleaning
Sanitary bin services
Portable toilets supply
Laundry Services